Peony Haiku

blooming peonies

flower of riches, honor



the secret sender

sweet passion, admiration

budding peony


the king of flowers 

hiding the mischievous nymphs

from the lust of gods


sent through the window

of heart, a bunch of botans

for the beloved


blushed pink and purple

the face of the young maiden

peony colors

* Written in response to Carpe Diem # 215 Peony/Botan 

12 thoughts on “Peony Haiku

  1. Lots flowing with the peony leading to my favorite…the last one…the hue of blushing maidens. Lovely! I read about the nymphs too but just didn’t linger in my brain. Glad you wrote about them 🙂


  2. I am speechless … and that says something 🙂 I like your haiku skills and the way how you’ve gained your own style in writing haiku. The third haiku is my favorite. Thank you for participating in Carpe Diem. You’re so welcome with your haiku.


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