The evolution of a being

from the childhood’s reverie

to a grown up’s veracity

from the glimmer of the stars

to the blaze of the sun

from a small injury

to a large gaping wound

from an innocent vision

to a gruesome deed

from the world of truth

to the universe of tall tales

from a fresh water lake

to the ever salty ocean

from the protection of the nest

to the vast lonely sky

from a seed that is sown

to a pest infected plant

from the drop of nectar

to an urn of venom,

the evolution of an infant

to a grown up soul

tarnished by world

shaded by emotions

from the afternoon nap

to the insomniac nights

from the playful toys

to the killer weapons,

there is an evolution

a real evolution

of a spirit as he turns

from a joyful mirth

to an evil sneer in the end.

* Written in response of Theme Thursday Writing Prompt.


17 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. How brilliant are you, the transformations- the evolution perfectly chosen. I had to look twice at the painting – all I saw was Mr. Depp at first. I can so relate to the afternoon naps to the insomniac nights. Well done HA.


    • Thank you so much.. Actually, I wrote up initially, an actual biological nomenclature related poem but of course, it was really odd.. then came up with the idea of showing the evolution from childhood to adulthood. 🙂


    • By evil sneer, I do not mean to create a particular demonic image, but a general reference to the fact that a child’s laughter is care-free and innocent but it always seems an adult’s laughter has some reason behind it and it could never be like the cackle of a small child. Thank you for reading! 🙂


  2. On occasion I find myself in the midst of adults and young children. Without fail someone -usually a female- will point to a tyke exclaiming how tiny and young and innocent they are. And almost without fail I will turn to the speaker and reply with “And then grow up they turn into us.”. Most of the time, we traverse the path to adulthood and come out fine, but sometimes, we fail…


  3. It is funny how when you are a child you cannot wait to become an adult and then when you are an adult you at times wish you had not grown up so fast. The sad thing is that it is hard to explain this to any child but I guess we were the same way. You really seem to have captured what may be a somewhat cynical side of the difference between an adult and a child. Somehow it made me think of an adult who committed crimes, maybe it was the evil sneer but I just felt adulthood had lost all of its innocence.

    Thank you for sharing such a deeply intense poem about evolving from a child to an adult for this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope you have a great weekend of relaxation and fun.

    God bless.


    • Thank you very much for the kind feedback and for sharing your opinion on the topic. I enjoyed participating in the writing prompt.
      I wish you have a great weekend as well. 🙂



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