Run Away

Copyright – EL Appleby

“Oh God, save me,” he was running away from some scary creature with a long wide trunk and small tusks, that were very much hidden under the shadow of the massive muscular monolith.

“How is it running so fast?” he glanced back and found that this elephant look-alike creature had hooves for his legs and…, “Has he got a black and white rear with a tail?”

His heart was throbbing and he couldn’t run any longer; all his concentration on the beast. He didn’t notice the valley looming before him and thence, he fell down, waking up from a dream.

* Written in response to Friday Fictioneers challenge and that too when I am half asleep.

47 thoughts on “Run Away

    • Thank you. Yes, I find this prompt quite challenging. This was my third attempt at writing it and I just posted it without thinking any further about it.. 🙂


      • Oh! Yes, I know how a single image can affect us.. If we look at the picture, the creature looked quite alright and even cute but if we notice it even more, we will come across the hazard of the mutation of all these animals.


  1. I’m glad he finally woke up. Dreams certainly can seem very real and scary. I used to sometimes dream about being on a bridge that fell (with me still on it) but I always woke up before I landed. Then one night I dreamed that it landed as lightly as a feather and I’ve never had the dream again. Weird!



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