Drift II: Pendulum

An amazing creation! Sit back, rock on your swing and read…

A Soft Alarm

Drift II: Pendulum

I do not possess language then, but I do hear.
Now I can put names to things I remember.
On the wooden porch behind the green house
one fall morning I rock in an automatic swing.
Mists shroud the nearby trees where birds sing.

The universe ebbs and flows beneath my feet.
The same force that suspends the stars tugs me.
We are all falling, I realize now, towards the sun.
In that time and place gravity is a simple thing:
gravity is just a feeling, and inertia is a swing

that stops. I whimper softly, and my sister hears.
She tries to lull me by pulling back the chair,
but it tips and I hurtle forward towards the deck.
I land with a thump and I scream. My mother cries.
My sister apologizes for a murder she perceives.

But I am fine, really. I wail in…

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