Light and Dark

The thoughts of light had come to haunt her once again, when she was safely cocooned in her darkness.

“Why? Why do they come back?” she cried but there was nothing she could do. She had to face them because they were as real to her as her darkness.

She had left any hope for a bright future and was finally accepting her light-less fate. After falling down again and again, she had accepted her defeat against her demons who were now ruling her from within.

“Let me be alone. Let me be.”

The white glimpses of the happiness, the word she had forgotten, wouldn’t stop tormenting her. They were there to kill the very essence of her soul.

“Please go away. Please, I beg you,” she whimpered, suffocating in the brightness of those thoughts.

They were the instruments of her demons only to end whatever was left of her.


*Written in response to VisDare Writing Prompt.


8 thoughts on “Light and Dark

  1. I found this conflicting or is just me not deciphering properly. She was happy to be imprisoned in her darkness and thoughts and did not want to seek happiness? Forgive me if I have asked a stupid question HA (it is late over here and my brain may not be thinking to clearly) 😦


    • It isn’t a stupid question. You are right in deciphering the story. But now forget it and just create an image of a depressed girl, who has been lured into darkness by her demons and now she is finding a sense of belonging in the darkness. And then, her mind fills up with the memories of a happy past or thoughts of being happy (she isn’t coming out of her gloom, she is just having the thoughts); what would it do to her? It would break her down even more, because she is viewing the happiness, which has no meaning in the dark.
      (It is some thing from my own experience.)
      Take another instance (a practical one), there is an insect in the darkness, dwelling there for a great amount of time, and then light seeps in… it hasn’t reached him but is there at a distance out of his reach.
      I apologize if I am still not able to make it clear to you. I was never good at explaining my writings.


  2. This entry really stands out to me in its unflinching look at how sometimes a person can become so depressed, and comfortable/familiar with their personal darkness, that any foray into light and happiness would become painful. Night becomes day and joy becomes pain. The cringing withdrawal is so true to that condition – heartbreaking and gritty, and so very realistic. A sobering and well-crafted entry. Thanks for taking the VisDare challenge — hope to see more from you in the future! 🙂


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