My first e-book, download it now


I’m glad to inform you all that I’m publishing my first e-book right now.

It is titled The fragrance of the pouring rain and other poems by HA and here is the link:-

The fragrance of the pouring rain

I would be delighted if you all download it and then read it as well. Spread the word around; every one is welcome to download the e-book which is in pdf format.

Please do share it with anyone and everyone; mail it to your family members and friends and let the other bloggers know of it as well by re-blogging my post.

And do not forget to critique me on my first publication.

Some facts about the e-book:-

1. It is free of cost.

2. It is a collection of 16 poems; some of them are posted already either here or on 20 lines a day, while some others are from my personal collection.

3. It is my first publication and I’m really excited about it.




8 thoughts on “My first e-book, download it now

  1. Tell me how you did this on line book. I have had people tell me my whole life that “I should publish my work” . The closest I have gotten is helping my father publish his books. No one wants to help you get a start. dad’s publisher got sick (this was 20 years ago) and by the time things were better, I did not have as good of equipment and someone had stolen the basis for my idea-a book about teaching kids about nature. Good luck with your book-I hope to read it soon! beebee


    • Hey,
      It was a time-consuming task. I just copied down all the poems, I wanted to publish on MS Word, and wrote down all the other pages(author’s note, table of contents, etc) which you may find in the book.
      Then I created the cover page.
      After that, I converted the word into a pdf file online and then added it on wordpress media, later providing the link on this post.
      I am glad you downloaded the book. Thank you.


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