Very Short Story- Beneath

It was not that Mariah Lois Elizabeth was afraid of the dark, it was just that she had an apprehensive feeling that some one was following her on the dark deserted street that night. She clutched her leather satchel closer to her and started walking a little faster, which was quite difficult to do in her pestering high-heels. She carelessly waved her hand through her thin blonde hair as if driving away her fear. It was not as if she was passing by this street late in the night for the first time; it provided her a short route to her rented apartment in the Thomson building in the older shabbier part of the town after a long day’s work at the supermarket, she has been working in as a Customer Service Assistant for the last two months. But still, she could not get rid of that uneasy feeling, which was now chilling her through her bones . All she wanted now was to reach back to her small bedroom with no space to walk on; she was for the first time looking forward to lying down on that uncomfortable bed which squeaked even if she moved a little bit across.

The night was getting darker or was it just her fear making her think so, she did not know. All she knew was that she had to get through this endless street soon because she couldn’t deny the fact that her feeling might be an indication of some danger chasing after her. This very thought made her a little swifter in her steps and she started to run. She could now see the end of the street, after which she would have to just  cross the wide Teresa street, which was always almost lifeless this late in the night, completely in contrast with how it remained bustling with endless vehicles all day; and she would reach the block where her apartment building was located. Once reaching the end of the stranded street and knowing that her destination was so very close provided her with some relief but she still wanted to hurry and made her mind that she would no longer take the route of the solitary street even though it was a short-cut from next day onward . Now lost in her thoughts whilst crossing the Teresa street, she didn’t see the giant 10-wheeler with headlights turned off come speeding by, trampling her beneath.

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