It was a few years back…

It was a few years back

that people used to

call me an orator-

the one really eloquent

in conversation, the one

who can talk with any one

and today I find myself

at a path where

I find it difficult to

even talk to myself.

It was a few years back

when I was confident,

always striving to be a leader

and see today I find myself

cowering behind,

wanting some one else

to take the responsibility

while I just see it

from the back.

How time changes

and how much I have


how much my life

has changed me.


2 thoughts on “It was a few years back…

  1. This is beautiful! You know, sometimes sensitive people shut down when they sense it is unsafe for them other wise. I have done this in the past. But when I changed my environment (read the people around me) my old happy self returned. If you were always this way, I wouldn’t say this, but since it is a change, maybe it is not you so much as who is around you making you feel uncomfortable. Just a thought? Hang in there. Move away from people who cause you to feel uncomfortable?


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