My Risky Venture

I have sent e-mails to various institutes providing Certificate courses in Patisserie/Baking and Confectionery, regarding the course information. I am now just waiting for their reply.

I know I can’t go for a Bachelor’s degree. But I have something else in my mind, something I would like to do.

I need proper training and I hope that I get it.

Regarding family approval for dropping-out, I haven’t got it yet. First, I want to get admission for one of the courses- then, I think they would oblige to my wishes, I hope.

I am going for a risky venture, but my heart is guiding me this time. And I am going to put some faith in my heart.

Even if I fail in the future, I know my whole life will be ruined even more so, but I would have the satisfaction that I tried and that I listened to my heart.

I am hoping for the best, and trying to wave off the feelings of hopelessness and anxiety and depression that are striking me every hour.

I need support, that is all I need right this moment.


4 thoughts on “My Risky Venture

  1. Im really happy that you are following your dream! A degree doesn’t always mean success and most of the time its the people who take risks that make something of their life. I wish you the best in your Risky Venture and hope that you achieve your dreams. and ya, parents can be a little difficult to convince but remember, its your life and you are going to live it at the end of the day. So Carpe Diem!


  2. cloud says:

    thats a good start… you go girl.. hope to hear more about your decisions *they sound better and hope they get better*.. take care :)) see you arn’t that bad and hopeless. have faith in your heart


    • Sorry, but did you really call me “girl”? Well, I do not discriminate on the basis of gender of a being or in any other way but still, I am a guy. I think you’ve been mistaken all along.
      And thank you- I hope I keep this faith in me…


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