Darkness is still enveloping me-

I am still entombed.

It seems all of a sudden,

I have a fight with the light,

resulting from my fight with me.

I am still cocooned within darkness-

It is still enveloping me.

Days passing by, just like that-

I don’t remember the date, month

and even the year anymore.

The darkness has encased me

in a timeless loop where

time passes by but

it has no effect in me,

I feel no change with

the change in time.

Darkness and time- capturing me,

under their mighty powers,

I have let them entomb me within-

I have let the darkness envelop me.

One thought on “Darkness

  1. this dosent sound so good, moodwise…how are you? seriously?
    had a dark day too, today, but snapped out of it by exessevly walking around the city..
    wish you light and laughter


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