Development and Maturity: Thoughts About Influences That Shape Our Minds

The following is a discussion about psychological development and maturation and the thoughts about the social environment’s affects on the overall growth of our beings. I am not a specialist… so there may well be certain misinterpretations or unfiltered words. These are just my thoughts. You may or may not agree. Let us respect each other’s opinions. Thank you.

Change is a feature of development. How much we deny, the changes do take place. Development is always progressive, leading forward and we are but the actors who play our roles through the stages of life. It should be well understood that our present directs the changes we will manifest in the future. There is an interrelation that exists among all the phases of life.

Now, this development takes place through the processes of learning and maturation. These are the two complimentary processes, distinguished but considerably influencing each other. Maturation generally refers to the traits we show and come to adopt through genetic inheritance(which reminds me of inheritance in object-oriented programming languages). They take place because they take place. Learning, on the other hand, is a product of our experiences with the environment(and it is also true that learning too leads to maturation).

Learning and maturation. I have often wondered about their functions in life. How much is learning important? I guess, it is fairly significant because we become who we are through what we learn in our lives. The identification of self and individuality must come from learning, right? We learn and thus we are. So, should learning be considered as another necessity of life? I would answer in affirmative. What do you think?

Furthermore, I wonder about the learning of a child who grows in a violent environment and societies ravaged by wars. The idea of growing up this way seems frightening to me. What all would a child learn from it all? It leads me to think of the adults who propagate misdemeanor, terrorism and communal violence. They were children once and children learn what they are taught. I was born into a family devoted to two religions and I grew up following them and there were those moments when I took my religion(s) really seriously. It was only later that I renounced my believes related to it and become a follower of something(I know nothing about)… and no longer of a supernatural being.

But what if that had never changed? Would I be one of those who would raise my voice and speak ill if someone verbally attacked my religion? Would I be one of those who would thrust upon my believes onto others? I am not saying that all the followers of religions are this way. But there are some people who grow up, being taught the supremacy of their religion over others. How does this affect them when they grow up?

The perpetual conflict in the believes of Christians, Jews and Muslims, despite of a lot of similarity in their religions, come to my mind now. And it also makes me cringe at the thought of the meaning of “jihad” taken up by the terrorist groups. Yes, it is a beautiful world but how is this world made? What is the driving force of this world where something as personal as religion has sent millions to their demise?

What is our personal development like when we see and experience such things from our childhood? How does this shape our minds and the changes that occur to us throughout our lives? The religion based discussion is just an example. There are many other ill determinants like poverty, child abuse, malnutrition, etc. It is said that the rate of growth is maximum during infancy and adolescence but we grow anyhow continuously in our lives. It is certainly hampered because we are the result of our interactions with the environment and when this environment is filthy(it is an extreme word, but I have used it nevertheless), what would it do to our maturity? Do we ever become mature and is this maturity tainted by what the society feeds us with?

There was an old belief here: A woodcutter’s son would be a woodcutter… meaning we follow our fathers’ footsteps. Can it be applied to our thoughts and maturity levels? Do we follow only what we learn? And if the learning is necessary and is a need for development, then should every kind of learning be considered favorable? If that is true, then is everyone right? Or is there no right or wrong in us or in the society? May be, we are who we are. And that is all. And if that is not true, what should determine the rightness or wrongness of a learning environment?

About anmol(alias HA)

I am a whimsical writer, a passionate poet and a righteous reader, but above all I am a benign being who is trying to find a path back into life, which I lost due to certain circumstances that came to change my entire existence, as I understood it.

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  1. Excellent questions. I wish I had the answers…

  2. Reblogged this on ShelleyMarie x and commented:
    Some very interesting ideas…..

  3. having worked with kids, i would say environment is huge in their learning…
    as to religeon, it seems one of the few topics that people take very personally
    regardless of the environment. i grew up christian. was thrown out of the church
    at 16. later returned to be a pastor for 5 years. that said, i identify with many
    buddhist practices as well…and am always learning..i dont know that we
    ever stop learning…who we are, about life…learning expands our horizons
    and our understanding.

    read this earlier in the week and thought about it a bit.
    i hope you are well amnol.

    • Thank you for reading and sharing your words. I don’t even remember what frame of mind I was in when I wrote that.

      And I agree that learning expands our understanding. And childhood plays an important role because many of the traits we encompass in our lives find their direct cause on the incidences of childhood.

      I am doing fine. Thanks for asking. Due to internet connectivity problems, I couldn’t access the blog. I trust you are doing good. :-)

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